Clearing, Cleansing and Connecting: Daily Nourishing Habits with Lynne Begier: May 4 to 9th


Clearing, Cleansing and Connecting: Daily Nourishing Habits with Lynne Begier 
May 4th to 9th 2020
Limited to 15 people 
Are you ready?
-learn some new habits 
-take a break from alcohol, non prescription drugs, caffeine and cravings 
-invest in yourself from the inside out 
-step away from cravings, unhealthy foods, toxic thoughts and people 
-meditation and yoga specifically for this time of year and to support cleansing and grounding 
-find some new daily habits (dinacharya – see below for definition) to last a lifetime or longer 
-clear physical and emotional baggage 
-strengthen your digestion and immune system 
-clear your filters – brain, gut, lymph and liver 
what is required for the week:
– eat daily supportive and nourishing meals of Kitchari (Ayurvedic Cleansing Diet) or a simple clean diet (to be discussed) and Ayurvedic Herbs 
-eliminate alcohol, caffeine and non prescriptions drugs 
-set time aside daily (15 to 30 minutes for meditation and movement) 
-rework your week so you have ample time for rest, quiet time and reflection and minimum screen time (tv, phone, computer) 
what this is NOT:
We are not dieting. This is a supportive and nourishing cleanse based on the 5,000 year old schools of Yoga and Ayurveda – you will eat and deprivation is not the goal as that will only trigger a stress response in your body which is NOT cleansing. The body will be burn fat – a steady calming source of fuel. YES! 
Dinacharya is a principle in Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. It refers to a daily routine that’s meant to maintain physical health. According to Ayurveda, establishing a healthy and consistent dinacharya allows the body to be in tune with the cycles of nature, promoting optimal wellness.
$160 plus food for 4 days (Ghee, Mung Dahl And Organic Basmati and Spices) And Herbs
Schedule: You will prepare all your own meals (3 Daily) and our meetings will help teach techniques, clarify steps and support you during the week. 
Monday May 4th 6 pm to 7:30pm Kick Off Course Meeting at Roastd 
Tuesday May 5th – 1st day of cleanse 
Thursday May 7th – 6pm to 7:30 pm Course Meeting at Roastd 
Friday May 8th  – Last Day of Cleanse and Final Flush in Evening
Saturday May 9th – Yoga and Closing Meeting 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm Supta Yoga
Sunday May 10th- leave this unscheduled (if you can) as an integration day for yoga, meditation, beach walk 
**while the structured part of this cleanse is one week you will be well positioned to continue with herbs and a more inclusive diet for weeks beyond**  My Goal is to provide a strong and intense kick off to wellness that can be integrated into a daily routine going forward. 

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