Lyme Disease from an Herbalist and Holistic Perspective with Danica Connors: April 18th


Lyme Disease is a prevalent and very serious condition that is endemic to Nantucket Island. Most people think that their only recourse is a round of antibiotics that in all actuality, sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. As an herbalist I know you have many holistic options. Come learn about the ins and outs of Lyme disease, what you can do from a holistic perspective and what to do when you get bit by a tick.

Danica Connors is a Nantucket resident, Herbalist and Shamanic Practitioner. Her core belief is that imbalance within a human being can present itself in different layers encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Plants have a mysterious and awe-insiring way of being the bridge between each of these layers, allowing for the body to re-establish its own state of wellbeing. 





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